Baskinta | El Metn | Lebanon
Executed | 2016
Restoration of an old Lebanese house , combining old with new.
In this project, the architect revamped the front elevation. For the addition and redesign of the partially demolished existing house, the architect chose to change materials by incorporating  concrete blocks, slabs and stairs to the front facade that simplifies and exaggerates the geometry of the original house, emphasizes the initial architectural materials, grounds the building on the property, creates a strong connection to the landscape and expands the living space by adding rooms and terraces.
Several typologies of vaults are present in Traditional Lebanese Houses. Most of the vaults, however, appear at the lower floors.
Since their geometrical form allows them to support high vertical stress if correctly conceived, they can be considered impervious elements resistant. In this project,the vaults base was reinforced by a steel structure creating an additional living space for the owner and his family.