Zaarour | El Metn | Lebanon
Schematic Design | 2020

This lodge is nestled in the heart of Zaarour, a region in Metn known for its ski slopes and panoramic views. The building’s silhouette borrows from traditional mountains houses, with a modern twist. The management of scale, the slope roof, and the large openings with irregular patterns reinforce the overall expressive concept.

The shell unfolds to create a welcoming entrance, and becomes a pathway in which to, gaze around and maintain contact with the garden and pool. The house features floor-to-ceiling glass facing South and West, which allows for the sun to illuminate and keep warm the interiors throughout the day, while enjoying the calming scenery by the chimney.

A restrained material palette of grey stone, wood paneling, and metal frames is utilized to help the house blend in with its surroundings. The materials were selected because of their low maintenance and naturally dark appearance.