Soho Street | Achrafieh | Beirut | Lebanon
Under construction 
Built up area : 21,600 m2
Civil Engineer: Elie Karam
Electrical Engineer: Roger Njeim
Mechanical Engineer: Roger Kazopoulo

Located in Achrafieh - Al Nahr, an area once an industrial zone is metamorphosing into a comfortable neighborhood of residential & commercial mixed use now called SoHo Street. Initially the site includes an old construction warehouse, where wild nature blooms widely in the premises.

Our project seeks to preserve the industrial character of the area by offering lush & comfortable living units in an ideal location. Therefore, we adopted the modular thinking of container architecture with wild nature reappearing; building is saturated by wild and scented greenery.

The commercial Ground Floor plinth is represented by a massive fair-faced concrete, upon which sits the Lofts agglomeration. These Lofts hover around a central vegetated void, which allows the building to breathe and a see-through for the Main Lobby to peek the sky above.