Mzaar Kfardebian | Lebanon
Executed | 2022

Mzaar Country house was originally designed by the late architect Pierre El-Khoury, on a hill facing the ski slopes of Mzaar, Kfardebian.

To gain more common spaces, the client called for an interior renovation, while keeping the core and shell intact.The main idea behind the remodeling was to manage the present triangular plan meticulously, in a way to have more interactive sitting areas, all profiting from the panoramic sight.

In the ground floor, a black marble bar was custom-built and placed in the heart of the reception, facing the existing chimney, the added living room and the natural landscape. Motorized shades were made-to-measure for each window form, to match the original elevation silhouette.

In the lower floor, the storage was transformed into a guest room. The latter was divided into a cozy sitting and a dining area, by lifting part of the floor and creating a perfect fit for the customized sofa cushions. Wood flooring and wall panels were introduced all around to regulate the unusual plan shape, and set a warm and comfortable mood. In addition, the sitting area can be easily turned into a guest bedroom by converting the couch to sofa-beds.

On the existing window, a floating bar top was installed to benefit from the scenery, while preserving the field of view for the center table.