Waterfront City | Dbayeh | Lebanon
Executed | 2023

This office is one of many in the business park in the Waterfront City Dbayeh. The main idea behind the concept is to divide the existing room into smaller sections and plant functional needs into each one.

The space is divided into a reception area and a working area, mainly distinguished by their ceilings; a white ceiling for a welcoming and bright entrance, and wood beams in the working area for a more calming and extended ambiance.

The latter includes a customized desk serving 8 employees, a meeting room and an office. The separation between the rooms uses glass partitions creating a spacious feel. The communal zone in the center can be also used as a discussion space, therefore a white board has been integrated into the office’s design.

The color choice is dominated by white to give a spacious and clean sensation. In addition, glossy grey cabinets were installed in all rooms to create a connecting flow.